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Tiffiney L. Hall Bio

On stages world-wide, Tiffiney L. Hall has begun her signature keynote speech with the following words, 

"On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest, making the world aware that finally this was possible." 

She is a firm believer that if one person is able to achieve what seems impossible, you have an example. Then you too can achieve what seems impossible and you become the example for someone else.


Tiffiney has devoted her life to public service. She is a real-life example of what it means to

make the commitment to empower others through service. 

She is a fierce advocate and voice for victims and survivors of domestic violence. A survivor of intimate partner domestic violence herself, her work on behalf of the cause is truly admirable.


With a sincere heart and desire to serve, simply wanting to lend her voice and share her message about being a survivor of domestic violence, raising awareness, and advocating became so much more. Tiffiney would obtain a national certification to create and facilitate workshops to expand her efforts.  


Her compassionate approach and background as a Licensed Practical Nurse undoubtedly contribute to the nurturing environment she fosters for the personal growth and transformation. 


Her diverse roles as an international speaker, speaking coach, and nurse-entrepreneur highlight her multifaceted contributions the fields of empowerment, communication, and healthcare. 

Her tenacity to overcome the many challenges she has faced, has made her well versed and skilled at being a transparent leader who leads by example. She uses the lessons she learned to coach, share and inspire others to achieve what seems impossible by using their voice to share their message.   

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